Robust, reliable monitoring for ...

Air pollution is now recognised to be the largest environmental risk to public health in the UK.
We’ve never felt the urgency of monitoring air quality so keenly. It is essential for compliance and to design effective interventions to reduce PM2.5, NO2 and O3.
You need a real-world solution that’s cost-effective over its lifetime, without compromising on data accuracy. 


  • PM, NO, NO2, O3 (and more)

  • Low lifetime cost

  • Low energy usage

  • Remote diagnostics

    Why use Praxis/Urban monitors?

    Our monitors are designed to be compact and portable so you can specify exactly where in a city, in a school or in the hospital grounds air quality monitoring is required. Once installed, most maintenance is carried out remotely to reduce downtime and keep your ongoing costs low.

    Local Authorities are increasingly relying on the MCERTS certification standard, an independent validation scheme for monitors. Our award- winning products are MCERTS certified for PM2.5 and PM10 and we use the same data validation technique for all gases, so you can have complete confidence in your air quality monitoring data.

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    Announcing: Precision indoor & outdoor air quality monitoring in one device

    South Coast Science is pleased to launch Praxis/Cube2, a 2 gas version of the original Praxis/Cube. It offers the same high levels of precision whether monitoring indoor or outdoor pollution levels.

    What’s the lifetime cost of your air quality monitors?

    Many commercial air quality monitors heat the air prior to sampling, but South Coast Science has developed a more elegant solution to the problem that saves on maintenance costs, whilst also improving data accuracy.

    A Smart Approach to Air Quality: Monitoring and visualising

    It can be difficult for non-scientists to engage with, much less understand the implications of, air quality data. Scientists and artists alike are developing creative ways  of raising awareness of the impact of poor air quality on health. 

    Air Quality Monitor in Brighton picked up PM1 plume from French Wildfires

    Attribution is often a concern for commercial projects and with a precision air quality monitor, some environmental science and some detective work, it’s usually possible to figure out what happened where, with a degree of certainty.