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South Coast Science resources

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South Coast Science Wiki

The knowledge base for South Coast Science. Documentation for device installation, command line operations, together with data sheets and user case studies.


Open source software for operating, managing and testing South Coast Science devices, together with data management and analytic tools.

External resources

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Alphasense designs and manufactures sensors for inorganic gases and Volatile Organic Compounds where parts per billion (ppb) detection is required, together with optical aerosol / particulate monitors for PM



The largest IoT Open Data community in the world. provides both open and private live data management services.

The Infrastructure is in the Instrument

Accurate monitoring and measurement of air pollution levels plays a vital role in the health and well being of our nation, both here in the UK and throughout the world. Knowing where and how harmful gases occur enables responsible organisations to implement measures to manage and reduce them.

We are South Coast Science. Working in partnership with Alphasense and OpenSensors, we are independent experts in the field of engineering who are proud to have conceived a totally original, sophisticated concept to advance environmental science to the next level:

We have developed a unique, high quality analogue digital converter for the 21 st century.

Highly accurate, it converts to a measurement of gases and particulates into parts per billion, and is straightforward to use. However, its functionality belies the sophisticated technology within it.

South Coast Science’s low-noise software enables a precise calculation of the proportional presence of a wide range of gases,

thus offering a solution to a long-standing problem: corruption in gas reading measurement and its interpretation.

Our innovative digital converter facilitates and even makes possible a wide range of projects that make a real difference to our environment. Whether you work in engineering design, science, research or the education sector, we offer you a product and service of the highest quality at an affordable value.

South Coast Science supports the needs of corporates, too, enabling internal and external air quality to be measured accurately.

What Does South Coast Science Offer?

Network Functionality

Data that’s usable and shareable. Readings from the software can be stored, even up to a number of months, or shared in real time or at specific intervals via Wi Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth or GSM.

A Flexible Product to Suit Your Needs

The powerful technology behind the product means that should you require the circuit board as a stand-alone piece (rather than the “boxed” product), it can be incorporated into other devices and adapted to your requirements.

Licensed Design

As the software is open source and totally flexible, we’d be happy to consider the sale of product license for it to be used and shared.

Technical Expertise

With the complementary skills of Bruno Beloff, Jamie Campbell and Iain Hunter, our combined xx years’ experience and know-how have enabled a first class product to be developed that meets and exceeds your needs.