Real-time access to high temporal, high spatial resolution air quality monitoring data.

South Coast Science has developed an open-source software package.

  • Cloud-based: Secure, reliable and you can download data from anywhere, at any time you need it
  • Real-time: see real-time data from any South Coast Science configured to use it
  • Two data plots: reported and interpreted data for every measurement, so you can perform your own processing if needed

 Example of data access via web dashboard:

password: Science123

Data is gathered by monitors installed on Preston Road, Brighton see image of Praxis/Urban and Praxis/Cube to the right.


Why two data plots?

Two data plots can be seen for each air pollutant in the image above. This is to allow customers to understand exactly where their data is coming from, because we believe precision matters above all else. These are used, for example, by our academic partners in their research studies.

In those two plots, we supply the raw sensor “reported” values (that is, directly from the sensor before the algorithm is applied) as well as the “interpreted” values (after correction). Unlike most other manufacturers, we supply the "reported" (raw) data values. If you ever need to, you can apply your own analysis and validate the correction process,  so you always have the option to verify our data claims.