Louise Winters

Midlands NHS Trust collaborates with South Coast Science on new Air Quality Monitoring Project

A new project with Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust, which is using the Praxis/Cube to monitor air quality data (PM and NO2) around the hospital site.

What’s the lifetime cost of your air quality monitors?

Many commercial air quality monitors heat the air prior to sampling, but South Coast Science has developed a more elegant solution to the problem that saves on maintenance costs, whilst also improving data accuracy.

A Smart Approach to Air Quality: Monitoring and visualising

It can be difficult for non-scientists to engage with, much less understand the implications of, air quality data. Scientists and artists alike are developing creative ways  of raising awareness of the impact of poor air quality on health. 

Is poor air quality damaging your Data Centre equipment?

Poor air quality can lead to electronic corrosion, which can lead to costly component failures. Yet, despite the risks, most data centre sensing tech doesn't go beyond simple temperature and humidity sensors.

UK Air Quality Targets and Legislation 2022

The Environment Act 2021 established a legally binding duty for the UK Government to bring forward two new air quality targets by the end of October. What does that mean for Local Authorities and, further down the line, private commercial companies?

Air Quality Monitor in Brighton picked up PM1 plume from French Wildfires

Attribution is often a concern for commercial projects and with a precision air quality monitor, some environmental science and some detective work, it’s usually possible to figure out what happened where, with a degree of certainty.

Air Quality Emissions 2022: South Coast Science to Exhibit

The 12th annual AQE conference is on 12th - 13th October and we’re expecting much of the conversation to be about air quality regulations and compliance. 

MCERTS for Praxis/Urban Air Quality Monitor

South Coast Science’s Praxis/Urban has now been awarded MCERTS for indicative measurement of dust in ambient air (PM2.5 and PM10). You can see the list of […]

Monitoring VOCs at Drill Pads in Denver, USA

Colorado accounts for 4% of US crude oil production, according to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA). Whilst gas drilling is important for global energy security, the drilling process also creates air pollution and the potential for harm to health.