The infrastructure is in the instrument

South Coast Science is a 21 st Century scientific instrument maker.

We design and build high-precision, affordable, highly-connected environmental monitoring devices, circuits and open-source software.

From our inception we have been partnered with sensor specialists Alphasense and data infrastructure providers, both powerful innovators in their field.

Together, we deliver a range of products that can sample gas concentrations within plus or minus five parts per billion. Data can then be securely stored, distributed globally to the public or to any other type of organisation.

South Coast Science’s electronics are the result of a working collaboration between ultra-low noise specialists, electrochemical sensor experts, and environmental scientists.

We have created a core design that is outstandingly effective at separating noise from environmental data.

Our software has its roots within best practice for commercial, cloud-centric middleware and big data management.

We are proud that all South Coast Science software and data protocols are open source; we actively encourage both our competitors and corresponding organisations to adopt and use our products.

By combining these factors, South Coast Science is able to offer environmental systems and components that are trustworthy, simple to use and which can be scaled to large-scale use within air quality monitoring devices.

South Coast Science’s products are secure, reliable, flexible and scalable, both in terms of data and device management. We offer a highly affordable solution that enables a totally new range of applications in the education and commercial sectors, as well as within industrial internal air quality monitoring and control systems.


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About South Coast Science was founded in 2016 as a response to a market call for a standard digital front-end for Alphasense electrochemical sensors. A gap in the market was identified for an electronic interface between electrochemical sensors and industry-standard


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Products Each South Coast Science product is adapted to specific use cases, covering internal and external air monitoring, and electrochemical component evaluation. We offer a modular range of equipment across a grid of gas types, host microcontrollers, and product deliverables.


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Resources On this page you will find more information on South Coast Science, as well as other really useful resources and links. South Coast Science resources Follow the links below to find the tools you need to make the most